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Oakland Living History Days October 6&7 2018


October 6 & 7, 2018

Saturday / Sunday

Living History Days

in Historic Oakland Oregon

TIMES for Living History Days are:10am - 5pm

with activity throughout Historic Oakland

This is a "free event"

Come join us in Oakland, Oregon as we turn the hands of time back to the 1800's

Stroll along the streets of Oakland amid costumed characters such as the Sheriff, who may just arrest you and put you in the Hokey Pokey Jail where you will need to 'turn yourself around', or buy a 'Get out of Jail Free' card

Enjoy seeing how things were done in the 1800's.

See the blacksmith pounding out tools, or the ladies who are spinning their wool, or piecing together a quilt.

Let the kids enjoy such hands-on activities as wool carving, washing clothes on a wash board or making paper!

Check out the 2/3 scale covered wagon and the chuck wagon.

Learn more about the Native American Tribes that lived in our area. See some of their crafts and their ways of life.

There will be old-fashioned games, crafts, food and entertainment galore 

See the old-time fiddlers in action, and a group of Can-Can girls as they dance on the Main Stage on Locust Street and the infamous Oakland Singers strolling around town

View Native American artifacts, along with a Mountain Man & Trappers encampment.
See how a tomahawk is thrown & how a fire was started without matches.

Watch as the Muzzle loader's load their guns with black powder.

Take a lesson in our one-room school house.

Check out the Oakland Libraries "special" coloring book and display of free books.

If you would like to volunteer or participate in this event, please contact:

Craig or Conni Riley 541-315-8073 (text ok)
or 541-315-8091

or Chairman Kris Tripp via email @ OaklandEconDev@gmail.com

  A BIG HORRAH for all the volunteers & sponsors that make this event possible! Thank you!

      sponsored & brought to you by Oakland Economic Development, a non profit org. 
     and the City of Oakland



Oakland Economic Development

P.O. Box 231
Oakland, Oregon 97462


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